Thinking about playing college sports?  You must sign up with the NCAA for Division I and II schools or the NAIA for Division III schools.


  • SAT/ACT Scores
    SAT/ACT scores must be wired directly from the testing facility.  You must make sure you have the NCAA, NAIA, or both chosen as part of the 4 free recipients of your SAT/ACT scores BEFORE you take the test.  Otherwise, you will have to pay to have your scores sent.  The 4 digit codes are NCAA (9999) and NAIA (9876).
  • Transcript
    Once you have filled out your NAIA or NCAA application(s), please contact Mrs. Adams and let her know to send your high school transcript.
  • Required Courses and GPA
    It is your responsibility to track your required courses and GPA for eligibility in the NCAA or NAIA.  If you have questions, please contact Kerri Hanneken